The Tastes of Istria

Since one of the reasons to build the railway between Trieste and Poreč was to supply Trieste with Istrian produce, it is impossible to skip the story of the tastes of Istria. In addition to the pleasures offered by the enchanting landscape, the crystal blue sea and astonishing historical attractions, you won’t be able to avoid the richness of tastes offered on the Istrian Peninsula.

Such as the entire Istria, also its cuisine is a combination of historical, geographical and climatic features. The increasingly recognisable Istrian dishes have arisen under the influence of various foreign and local traditions, combined with folk cooking, based on wild plants, aromatic herbs, seasonal vegetables, seafood and olive oil.

Your exploring will change into an unforgettable pleasure even if you only fleetingly acquaint yourself with the offer of top restaurants, numerous local pubs called “konoba” and wine cellars. The local specialities that deserve special attention are white truffles, prosciutto, sheep cheese, olive oil, seafood and local wines, in particular Malvasia and Teran.