Parenzana Museum at Izola

The Parenzana Museum at Izola displays the history and distinctive features of the narrow-gauge railway, which was connecting Trieste and Poreč at the beginning of the past century and also passing by the town of Izola.

The museum was opened in 2000. It is situated in the old town centre. The museum collection includes photographs and documents about the railway, unique railway models and a large map of the Parenzana route. In addition to the railway history, the museum informs the visitors about the traditions of local people and the attractions of Istria. A rich collection of train models, fully revealing the facts and secrets of Parenzana, is the property of Josip Mihelič, the resident of Izola.

Parenzana Museum
Ulica Alme Vivode 3
6310 Izola
T: +386 5 641 73 57