Free bus line from Trieste to Poreč 2023

Free bus line from Trieste to Poreč 2023

The service will start on April 1st till June 25th 2023, with the following timetable:  

- Trieste-Parenzo/Poreč departure at 9:00, from the Trieste bus station, piazza Libertà  

- Parenzo/Poreč-Trieste departure at 18:00, from Parenzo/Poreč bus station, Ulica Karla Huguesa


The BIKE&BUS can make intermediate stops at Noghere (Muggia Municipality), in via dei Laghetti at the bus stop of Line n. 47 and in Plovanie (HR).

The service will be active on Saturdays and Sundays and also on April 7th-10th and 24th-25th, May 1st and 29th-30th, June 1st-2nd 2023.  

The service is free and can be booked on the MT Viaggi website (  

Detailed info also on FVGRegion website: MIMOSA Bike&bus