MTB Spring Parenzana

03.05.2020 - 03.05.2020

MTB Recreational bicycle race

Start a path of health and friendship with your family and friends, set off along Parenzana on adventurous and recreational gathering...

Parenzana, once a popular narrow path connecting Trieste and Poreč along its winding trail, was primarily used for the transportation of wine. Today it is an attractive pedestrian and biking path riddled with numerous tunnels and viaducts, which leave cyclists, hikers, runners and searchers simply breathless.

The most famous Istrian path invites you to, while cycling or hiking along the sections of its magnificent route, be a part of an event that brings together natural beauties and recreation under the spring sun.

We are inviting all cyclists and hikers to join us for a recreational gathering which will be held in Baredine near Nova Vas in Poreč.

Equip yourself and bring along your good mood, invite your loved ones and join a day of adventure in roaring along the centennial Parenzana paths!



POREč-PARENZO (Baredine Cave)


TZ Poreč, BK Poreč

Event type:

Sports & Recreation