Access by car

Many parts of Parenzana can be reached by car. Using the map of the area and the itinerary, you can easily find the following interesting spots: 

1. In the hamlet of Valica there is a house that used to be a train station, named Savudirja (Salvore) after a fishing village six kilometres away. If you head towards the Kanegra tourist village, you get to a dirt road that once was a railway track, from where you will have a beautiful view over the Bay of Piran and Sečovlje salt-pans.            

2. The village of Stanica where the Grožnjan Railway station was located:

a) walk past the inhabited station building towards the village of Peroj and, along the path, you reach the entrance to the tunnel under Vrh Romana. From the left side, climb up to the ridge and by a marked path you reach the other side of the tunnel;

b) from the station, go towards Grožnjan and, in the nearby large curve, turn left onto a dirt road, which leads you to the entrance of the Kalcini Tunnel. The tunnel is located at the highest altitude above sea level, to which the Parenzana climbed (293 m).           

3. The hamlet of St. Stefan next to the village of Kostanjica. From here you can walk past the cemetery church (10-15 minutes) to the village of Biloslavi where the Kostanjica Railway Station used to be. From Biloslavi, there is a magnificent view over the entire area. If you turn right in the direction of Završje (about 1 km), you can visit a 69 meters long Kostanjica Tunnel.            

4. Below the village of Završje, there is an ugly decaying building at the site of the former railway station. Walk past it and visit two short tunnels and a large Završje Viaduct, located in the immediate vicinity.            

5. The village of Vižintini Završki is nearby the route. From the village, go up on foot to the Parenzana path: to the left you reach the Završje Viaduct (about 1 km) and to the right you get to the Antonci Viaduct (about 500 m).           

6. The village of Antonci and Krti hamlet: to the left you come to the Antonci Viaduct (about 700 m) and to the right, through a beautiful landscape and coniferous wood, you reach a magnificent construction of a viaduct and the Freski Tunnel (about 1.5 km). If you go through the tunnel (recommended to have a flashlight!) and continue along the path, you come to a place where the Oprtalj Railway Station was located (15 minutes), from where a steep road leads to Oprtalj (about 40 minute walk). Further on, you reach the impressive Oprtalj Viaduct, spanning the valley of Mlinska dolina.           

7. Village of Kanal at Motovun. At the gas station, you arrive to the railway station. The Motovun Tunnel is located not far away, in the direction of Vižinada.            

8. Just before the village of Karojba, from the direction of Motovun, by as gravel road you get to a broadening, where once stood the railway station. On foot, in the direction of Vižinada, you arrive to the viaduct over the Krvar Stream in less than five minutes.

9. The Sabadin Viaduct or Veli most over the Sabadin Stream is situated about halfway between Vižinada and Rakotule, so that you can reach the viaduct from both sides:

a) you can leave your car at the point where the Rakotule-Špinovci road intersects the Parenzana route and turn left towards Vižinada (about 1,5 km);

b) if you head from Vižinada towards Pula, there is a broadening on the left side, 200 metres from the turnoff to Poreč, from where you take the Parenzana route in  the direction of Motovun (about 3 km).