Motovun Film Festival

26.07.2022 - 30.07.2022

24th film and small independent productions festival

Perched on top a steep hill overlooking river Mirna, this quaint Istrian town tickles the imagination and spreads good vibrations. Legend has it that it was home to giants in the ancient past, while some believe that dragon lines, courses of the Earth's positive energy, cross in Motovun.

In late July, its magic obtains yet another dimension: since 1999, it has been the host of a film festival, which has gained European, and even world, fame.
The festival's five days and nights teem with film screenings and events. Films are shown in the open-air cinema Trg in the main square, in Bauer, a 'real' cinema theatre also in the main square, in the Barbacan cinema theatre at the bottom of the town walls, and in the small theatre next to the bell tower.
The festival's organisers have seen to it that there will be clear skies!





Event type:

Film & Video Programs