Walking along the Parenzana trail

Walking along the Parenzana trail
Walking along the Parenzana trail

On December 15, 1902, a train covered the route between Buje and Poreč for the first time, driving along the at the time new narrow gauge railroad Parenzana. It was thus that the second section of the railroad previously connecting Trieste and Poreč was put into operation. With the total length of 123 kilometres, it wound through the green landscapes of northwestern Istria, connecting 33 Istrian settlements.

The construction took two and a half years and Parenzana was used as late as until 1935, when it was discontinued and replaced by a bus line. Still, it left a profound mark on the areas it passed through.

Over the last ten years, parts of Parenzana were transformed into a hiking and biking trail, that is unique for the viaducts, tunnels and railway stations preserved along the route, and which are dating back to the time when a small steam locomotive rushed through.

The fact that the Parenzana nowadays passes through three states - 13 kilometres in Italy, 32 in Slovenia and 78 in Croatia - only contributes to its symbolism of friendship, travel and recreation.

Commemorating the 114 anniversary of the first train ride between Buje and Poreč, the Tourist Board of the Town of Buje is organizing a hiking campaign from Buje to Grožnjan and back, along the restored route of the Parenzana.
The start is in front of the old railroad station in Buje at 10 a.m. and trail-side refreshments are ensured for all participants.

Don't miss the campaign celebrating the past and the present of the Parenzana, a unique European trail of health and friendship!