MTB Spring Parenzana

MTB Spring Parenzana

On the occasion of marking the day when Parenzana was released on April 1, 1902, Bike Club Parenzana is organizing a MTB recreational bicycle race. The race is 30 km long, will ride on the fields and forest roads around the town of Vizinada, along with the indispensable Parenzana. Approximately on the halfway there will be a break with the refreshment, and for all participants will be organized lunch.

Registartions at 9:00 in Vižinada in the front of the People's House.
Start at 10:00.
The estimated time of the tour is 4 hours with pauses and refreshments.

The fee is 50 kn
Children up to 15 years of age must be accompanied by parents or guardians and are exempted from registration. The price includes:
- Guided tours
- Refreshments during the tour

- Lunch after the tour

Each participant is obliged to wear a helmet and comply with traffic regulations in accordance with the Traffic Safety Act.
When submitting the application, the participant agrees to take part in its own responsibility, to be aware of all risks and possible physical injuries, and to waive any transfer of responsibility to the organizer or third person.

The organizer reserves the right to change the program.