ROUTE – Kopar – Semedela – Izola – Strunjan – Portorož- (Lucija – Piran)

ROUTE – Kopar – Semedela – Izola – Strunjan – Portorož- (Lucija – Piran)

The entire route of Parenzana in Slovenia is asphalted and it is included in the network of bicycle trails under the name D8. From the station in Lucija to Piran you could travel with the electric tram, and today this time we can go cycling paths K8 and K12.

In the wake of Parenzana

On the route from Koper to Portorož train passed for 45 minutes, with short breaks at stations in Semedela, Izola and Strunjan. The most attractive a move between Semedela and Izola, where the route passed through an embankment near the sea. The station in Semedela was originally just a simple eave, but later they built small building with a waiting room, because for the travellers coming from Buje these station was much more practical and attractive than the onein Koper for arrival and departure from the city.
One of the darkest events in the history of Parenzana took place in March 1921 in Strunjan, when a group of Italian fascists out of sheer wantonness fired on children who were playing near the station. Two children were killed, and five children were wounded. The tragic event is celebrated in the song Za Šentjanom je utonilo sonce, and the names of the dead children are engraved on the monument to the victims of fascism in Strunjan.

Heritage Parenzana

  • Kopar – The original locomotive U37 exposed to the current railway station
  • Kopar – Station - well preserved building, I category
  • The route between Semedela and Izola - attractive views of the sea
  • Izola – Parenzana Museum
  • Izola - The original locomotive P3 in glazed pavilion at the eastern entrance of the city
  • Izola – well preserved reception for passenger building
  • Jagodje – tunnel Šalet (214m)
  • Lucan – tunnel Valeta (544m) - the longest in the whole Parenzana 
  • Portorož – the only station building that is not built for the railroad, but the rent is taken small private villa. Until today are preserved some railway signs and typical hand pump for water.
  • The cells in Semedela, Strunjan and Lucija are not preserved.

From the station in Lucija to Piran there was an electric tram with red wagons, which largely outlived Parenzana - the line was terminated in 1953.

Natural and cultural attractions


• old town
• Nature reserve Škocjanski zatok


• old town
• Archaeological Park of San Simon


• Nature Reserve of Strunjan, Nature Reserve Stjuža – salt pans
• Strunjan cliff and the church of St. Mary - the largest pilgrimage center in Istria


• "city of roses" - the city with the longest tradition in the Slovenian part of Istria


• old town - walls and towers
• The museum of underwater activities
• Aquarium
• Casa Veneziana - medieval Piran
• Maritime Museum "Sergej Mašera"
• The freshwater lake in Fiesa

Refreshment stands

Koper, Izola, Piran - in city centres you can find many restaurants, taverns, wineries and tasting local products, full of flavour and scent of this part of Istria
Refreshment stands outside the urban centres:


• Wine cellar Montemor, Šmarska cesta 30
• Vinakoper, Šmarska cesta 1
• Oil mill Torkla Šalara, Obrtniška ulica 26a
• Oil mill Marinko Hrvatin, ulica 15. maja 10b
• The Association of Slovenian Istria olive growers, ulica15. Maja 17


• Restaurant "Za gradom", Kraljeva ulica 10


• Oil mill Torkla, Obrtna ulica 11

Izola - Jagodje

• Restaurant Sonja, Morova ulica 4
Jagodje 24
• Restaurant "Jasna"
Strunjan 23
• Restaurant "Strunjan"
Strunjan 32
• Restaurant "Pod Trto"

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