ROUTE – Portorož – Lucija – Sečovlje – Valica – (Savudrija)

ROUTE – Portorož – Lucija – Sečovlje – Valica – (Savudrija)

The asphalt route Parenzana leads from Lucija to the Slovenian-Croatian border on the river Dragonja. As soon as we cross the border, begins "wilder" Parenzana - the gravel road, which right after the border climbs toward Valica, the former station of Savudrija. Despite the appeals of the local population, has never built a separate railway from the station in Valica to Umag, but nowadays  you can go to the bike trail included in the network of Istrian bike trails under number 13. The trail is separating from Parenzana at the intersection with the road to the tourist resort Kanegra.

In the wake of Parenzana

On the route between Portorož and Valica, the train was passing for 41 minutes. Today's cycling route D8 has a slightly modified route, but between Lucija and Sečovlje passes somewhat longer, but pleasant rout, by the sea side, while the railway went over the hill Paderno.
The most important stations on this section was the one in Sečovlje, due to transport shipments of salt from the salt pans and coal from nearby coal mines.
The station in Valica was also important, and it wasused  mostlyby the residents of the northwest area of the Istrian peninsula - from Savudrija to Umag. The City Administration of Umag persistently urged to build a railway junction all the way to their town, but they promised them just to build a circuit with Savudrija. Unfortunately, its realization was disabled with the World War I.

Heritage Parenzana

  • Sečovlje – well preserved station building  of II. category with fixed weighbridge for weighing loads of salt and coal.
  • The route Parenzana of the Slovenian-Croatian border to Valica - gravel road with a beautiful view of the Bay of Piran and Sečovlje. Along the route we can see some genuine milestone, indicating mileage from a reference station Parenzana in Trieste.
  • Valica – station building at the station of  Savudrija, where still stands the only original panel with the station:  “Salvore”. Recently died the last resident of the station, and currently the house is on sell, because no one lives in it.

Natural and cultural attractions

  • Forma viva - Sculpture Park
  • cactus garden


  • Sečovlje salt pans- Museum of salt


  • the oldest  Adriatic lighthouse
  • hanging boat
  • remains of Roman walls and tanks on the south side of the harbour


  • remaining of the medieval castle on the peninsula Sipar

Refreshment stands

• Lucija - Restaurant a’ la carte Papà Giovanin (Residence Čeligo) Seča 198
• Grupija - "A casa" - bike boutique hotel and restaurant
• Mulino
• Savudrija
• Savudrian restaurants known for excellent fish food
• Bašanija - wine cellar Degrassi
• Frančeskija - tasting extra virgin olive oil Pavlović

• Bike hotels:

  • Umag – Hotel Sol Garden Istra
  • Lovrečica - bike & boutique hotel Villa Badi
  • Novigrad - Hotel Maestral
  • Apartments  Emmaus
  • Umag - Hotel Villa Rosetta
  • Brtonigla - Hotel San Rocco

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