ROUTE – Buje – Kremenje – Momjan – Črnci – Marušići – Sv. Florijan – Triban

ROUTE – Buje – Kremenje – Momjan – Črnci – Marušići – Sv. Florijan – Triban

ROUTE – Buje – Kremenje – Momjan – Črnci – Marušići – Sv. Florijan – Triban

In the wake of Parenzana

Parenzana was known and preferably called by the name "wine railway". The reason for this were notmerry passengers or the train driver, it got the nickname because it was passing through a rich wine-growing regions, transporting precious Istrian wines to world markets. Of grapes from vineyards around Buje arise famous Istrian wines Malvasia and Teran, and north of the railroad towards Momjan is produced and widely acclaimed Momjan Muscat wine.
Therefore, the station Triban with the eave fortravellers, there was also warehouse with a ramp for loading wine, grapes, fruits and other agricultural products that the residents of the area was sending to Trieste and Poreč.

Heritage Parenzana

Today, on the place were used to be the Triban station, you can only see  the founds of the eave, whit a panel with the name of the station.
On the route near the Triban station there are few original stone milestones – Triban station was 62.8 kilometres away from the reception building for passengers at the station S. Andrea in Trieste. Shortly after the Parenzana was open for traffic, the station in Trieste is transferred, making the route extended to 792.7 meters. To avoid moving the stone milestones already set up along the railway, the new part of the route is marked by negative numbers, so the route of Parenzana began on -0927. kilometre. Triban has recently become a very important point in the world of Parenzana - the building of the old school in Triban opened bike-friendly centre with overnight stay for cyclists and athletes.

Natural and cultural attractions


  • typical village of Gray Istria


  • winemakers, Muscat, enogastro, etc.
  • Argilla creek – which in the past is used to empower multiple windmills


  • The ruins of the medieval castle of Rota


  • Forma viva sculpture park

Refreshment stands

• Kremenje - Tavern Piero
• Kremenje - Tavern Marino
• Kabola
• Most - Tavern Stari podrum
• Kozlović
• Momjan - Rino
• Momjan - Agro tourism San Mauro
• Marušići - Tavern Atelier

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