ROUTE – Grožnjan – Biloslavi – Kostanjica – Završje – Antonci – Oprtalj – Livade (via Parenzana)

ROUTE – Grožnjan – Biloslavi – Kostanjica – Završje – Antonci – Oprtalj – Livade (via Parenzana)
ROUTE – Grožnjan – Biloslavi – Kostanjica – Završje – Antonci – Oprtalj – Livade (via Parenzana)
ROUTE – Grožnjan – Biloslavi – Kostanjica – Završje – Antonci – Oprtalj – Livade (via Parenzana)

In the wake of Parenzana

Due to its 6 tunnels, 4 viaducts, several bridges and beautiful lookouts, the section from Grožnjan to Livade is the most attractive part of Parenzana. It starts in the small village of Stanica near Grožnjan - the "Town of Artists" - from the Parenzana rest area. While it is certainly worth taking the time to visit this famous Istrian town, the Parenzana route goes on and soon enters the Kalcini tunnel (length: 178.7 m), which is situated at the highest elevation of Parenzana (293 m). Continuing along the southern side of the plateau's, at some points, rough gravel road, the route arrives in the village of Biloslava, where there used to be a roofed  railway stop which was named after the nearby town of  Kostanjica. The site offers a beautiful view of the Mirna River valley, Motovun, Vižinada, Kostanjica... After one more tunnel, Kostanjica (length: 69.9 m), Parenzana continues to wind until the dirt road leading to Završje. The town of Završje, located on a hill to the north, dominates this area with its medieval tower. The route continues and quickly reaches  two tunnels, Završje I (length: 35 m) and Završje II (length: 28 m) and the picturesque viaduct of the same name (length: 61.8 m, height: 20 m), bridging over a large, deep col.  The route further goes along very loose and porous soil.   Such a demanding terrain presented a challenge even to the railway builders. In the following col there is a small stone overpass through which one of the paths leads to Zabrdo. It is followed by the Antonci viaduct (length: 79.1 m, height: 25 m). After Antonci and Krti, a rough gravel road passing through a coniferous grove route reaches a demanding building combination: viaduct (length: 68.5 m, height: 30 m) and tunnel Freski (length: 146 m). The route continues to descend toward the Mlinska valley, crossing over another viaduct (Oprtalj, length: 75.2 m, height: 25 m) over the valley, finally reaching the station located in the village of Livade. Livade hosts a large train station building and a warehouse, as well as a nicely arranged Parenzana museum.


Parenzana heritage

Grožnjan – tunnels Sv. Vid (lenght: 75 m) and Kalcini (lenght: 179 m)

Grožnjan – well-preserved station in Stanica

Kostanjica – tunnel Kostanjica (lenght: 70 m)

Završje – tunnel Završje I (lenght: 35 m) and Završje II (lenght: 28 m), viaduct Završje (lenght: 62,5 m, hight: 21,5 m)

Antonci – viaduct Antonci (lenght: 80 m, hight: 25 m)

Oprtalj – tunnel Freski (lenght: 146 m), viaducti Freski (lenght: 70 m, hight: 30 m) and Oprtalj (lenght: 75 m; hight: 25 m)

Livade –  well-preserved station building


Natural and cultural attractions

Grožnjan - the cultural and historical ensemble of the Grožnjan settlement is protected as a cultural monument and represents a cultural asset  

Završje -  picturesque town with a rich past  

Oprtalj - Loggia, Church sv. Juraj  

Livade - Muzej Parenzane, Motovun forest - truffles


Refreshment stands

Kostanjica – Agroturizam Dešković

Martinčići – Konoba Tre volti

Oprtalj – Loggia

Oprtalj – Konoba Oprtalj

Livade – Dorjana

Livade – Zigante



Casa Margherita, Peroj (Grožnjan)

Villa San Vito, Grožnjan

Villa Passini, Golubići (Livade)

Villa Livade, Livade


Transport service (shuttle)

Camelus d.o.o. MTBike, Buje

Sitnica travel agency, Buje


Technical description  

Lenght:         21 km                                                                                  Altitude:                    280 m                                                 

Start:            Grožnjan – Parenzana rest stop                            The lowest point:        13 m above sea level                                                                    

Finish:           Livade                                                                                 The highest point:       293 m above sea level  

Duration:       1:30 – 2:00 h                                                                Substrate:                  gravel